Things I haven’t put on my resume but probably should:


I am a rock star. No, really. I am.

I’ve headlined a sold-out show at the Middle East, performing an original song that was written with women I had met only 3 days before.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you … Jen Brulee & The Flambabes.


Ladies Rock Camp helped make a life-long dream come true. Now, I write original music on my own, and hope to have a small set prepared to perform and record within the next year.

I also volunteer for Girls Rock Campaign Boston, which empowers girls through musical expression.

You can watch me on Netflix!

I am featured in a documentary about the stage show that has become a global phenomenon, Mortified Nation.


Nothing exorcises the demons of an awkward childhood like sharing your teenage hypochondria with hundreds of people.

I have the most awesome kid on the planet.

And I’m pretty sure she’s going to grow up to become a rock star, too.

Seriously, look at her.


I am a Professional Noticer.

I was 16 and taking driving lessons, drawing on years of accumulated knowledge that came from observing everyone in my life drive their cars. So I was, and still am, a really good driver.

I am 41 and performing music for the first time, summoning memories of all the music I’ve heard and seen, so I’m comfortable in this space. I know how to be on stage, and I’m not nervous because I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Whether it’s a how a successful song works, or how someone interacts with their space or an object within it, I Notice how things work and am able to translate and adapt it into aspects of my personal and professional life.

And if it doesn’t work well? I attempt to Notice the reason why. This makes me a good designer.

I’ve always been a designer, but I didn’t always think I could make a career out of being one.

My design career started with the Fisher-Price Printer’s Kit that I got for Christmas when I was 8.


Ten years later, I was designing flyers and programs for friend’s concerts using hand lettering and appropriated art.

After spending a lot of money and a lot of years going to art school (then failing to become an artist), I got a real, grown-up job poring over spreadsheets in a cubicle while wearing business casual. I designed things for friends on the side, but still didn’t think I could make a career out of it.

One day, after deciding that spreadsheets (and job security) made me miserable, I burned my wrinkle-free blouse and made the leap into full-time design.

Burning down the blouse.

Now here I am, having worked in just about every environment for every kind of boss, and I’ve been lucky enough to be part of some amazing projects and work with some very talented people. This is truly what I’m meant to be doing.

I’ve seen trends come and go, but I’ve never been very interested in doing the trendy or expected thing. My experience — as a rock star, comedy performer, mom and Noticer — has taught me to embrace the process, be resourceful and to approach solutions from a different angle.

Things I like to do when I’m not designing stuff:

  • Squish my kid and make her giggle
  • Take fancy pictures
  • Make and drink cocktails
  • Watch TV in pajamas
  • Look at art
  • Go to outdoor markets
  • Occasionally take part in flash mobs
  • Eat

Things I’d really like to work on:

  • Album covers I’m working on one now!
  • Gig posters (because my love of music and musicians has never gone away) Go over to my portfolio!
  • Wine, beer or liquor labels and packaging
  • A really beautiful mobile app that ends up changing the world

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